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Make a Stage - Instructions ...

Following the link will load an image heavy page. There are minimum browser and screen resolution requirements.

Here's how you do this thing...

  • First off, you need to go to the "Make A Stage" page. (Read all of this before you go)
    Best viewed at 1024 x 768 screen size.
    Internet Explorer 4.x or Netscape 4.x is also required.
    Browsers prior to version 5.x may require use of "Back" button.
    Opera browser appears to work fine.
  • You will find a group of drag and drop icons on the left.
  • You may click on and drag the individual graphics to show your setup.
  • Notice that the stage front and side are marked. The stage area is the area in white.
    The rest of the screen will have the "Note & Bone" background.
  • Move the appropriate icons into place on the stage.
  • Move unused icons off the stage area.
  • Once you are satisfied, press the "Print Screen" key on your keyboard.
  • Open an image program such as PaintShop Pro of PhotoShop.
    (MSPaint will work as well, it will prompt you to increase image size.)
  • Press and hold the "Control" key and press the "V" key.
    (alternately click Edit|Paste)
  • Save the file and remember the name.
  • Add the file as an attachment to an email from this link.

Go to the "Make a Stage" page.