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About Max ...

Max - One GREAT Dog!

So you want to know about Max?!?
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Max was born somewhere in the South Carolina Lowcountry. He was a stray dog and went through several homes before finding his way to mine. Max was born with a tail that more resembled a baseball bat. Wherever he went people paniced over drinks, and other things. His tail would leave a welt on your leg if he stood near you. He was a pretty happy dog and never understand why people were put off by him. After long talks with a vetrinarian, it was decided that his life would be better if his tail was "bobbed" so...

The truth is that most breeds of dog born with his style of tail lose them as puppies. Max wasn't too upset at the loss of his tail. The added popularity among neighbors, sighing relief over not having to be concerned about drinks and such, more than made up for it.

At age 7 max was found to have cancer. Two weeks after it was discovered, surgery showed that it was untreatable and massive. Max never woke up from that surgery. The good news is that before the surgery, he ate a big steak! Also that he will never be forgotten. To this end he has become part of the name of this business. Max was extremely smart, and was loved by many. He will always be remembered here.

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